3 Tips to Safely Navigate Home Maintenance During COVID-19

After spending a lot more time around the house, many homeowners have caught the home improvement bug. And while keeping up with home maintenance will guarantee payback when it comes time to sell your home, there are some finer details to consider with the ongoing pandemic.

1. Change your air filters. COVID-19 has renewed our awareness of just how important healthy air is inside our homes. Changing your air filters is an effective way to improve air and heat circulation in your home and cut down on allergens.

2. Check your home warranties. Fall is an ideal time to check on the warranties for your furnace or appliances and schedule any required maintenance before things go awry. 

3. Hire a professional if necessary. Some tasks – like cleaning your gutters or repairing the roofs – are best left to professionals. Since home-repair workers were never ordered to put away their tools they have already shifted their business practices with safety in mind. Be sure contractors wear masks and physical distance while in your space, and provide them with the space they need to do their job safely.

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