Tending your home this fall

To keep your property looking nice during this time and prepare it for the winter, our friends at Aviva Insurance suggest the following fall ‘to-do’ list:

Leaf disposal: Collect leaves in approved bags for collection or take them to assigned dumping areas. Do not burn leaves – this is illegal in most urban areas and can cause home fires.

Roof: Consider having your roof checked by a professional if you suspect any wear and tear or notice missing shingles. Both can severely affect a roof’s effectiveness. Also, make sure your roof and eaves troughs are clear of leaves and debris.

Pipes: Help prevent plumbing freezes and pipe bursts by insulating exposed pipes and turning off the water supply when you are away.

Wood Fireplace: To avoid fire/smoke damage, ensure the damper opens and closes properly. Call a chimney sweeper if your chimney hasn’t been cleaned in over a year.

Making time to care for your home can help you enjoy it even more for years to come. But remember to enjoy the sights and sounds of the season as well. Have a wonderful fall!

To learn more about how Aviva can help protect your home, visit aviva.ca/rlp.


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