Buyer Agreement-Why You Should Want One

Some Buyers might be wary of signing a Buyer Agency Agreement because they are concerned that the relationship might not work out. And they don't want to be stuck with a 'crummy agent.' That's understandable.

Having a relationship with a Buyer Agent is about is about building trust, knowing ther's an advocate on your side. With a signed Buyer Agency Agreement, your Buyer Agent:

Has a declared responsibility to you and only you - not the vendor.

Is committed to searching, evaluating, and recommending the property that best fits you - not just any property.

Provides facts as well as advice - Advice from a professional helps guide your decision-making. Buyer Agents know that advice may steer you away from a specific property, but ultimately toward a 'better fit.'

Will suggest approved protective clauses for the purchase agreement to protect you - the buyer-client. It's not just about finishing the deal, it's about making sure the deal is right for you.

Your Buyer Agent knows that commission isn't tied to just one property. And because they also know you won't abandon them, your Buyer Agent will go all out to deliver the best service possible.

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