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Spring Home Maintenance 101

April 30, 20242 min read

Essential Spring Home Maintenance Tips For Homeowners!

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As the winter chill gradually fades away, Ottawans are gearing up for the vibrant & much anticipated Spring season. Along with blooming flowers and chirping birds, this season calls for a thorough inspection and upkeep of your beloved abode. Our Spring home maintenance checklist is tailored for Ottawa homeowners to ensure your property remains in top-notch condition throughout the warmer months.

1. Inspect the Roof and Gutters

  • Check for any signs of damage or missing shingles on your roof. Harsh winter weather might have caused wear and tear.

  • Clean out the gutters and downspouts from debris to prevent clogging and ensure proper drainage. This is crucial for safeguarding your home's foundation from water damage.

2. Examine Exterior Surfaces

  • Walk around your home's exterior to inspect for cracks, gaps, or peeling paint. Addressing these issues early can prevent further damage and maintain the integrity of your home.

3. Service the HVAC System

  • Schedule a professional inspection and servicing of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. This ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency as you transition from heating to cooling.

4. Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and test them to ensure they're functioning correctly. Safety should always be a top priority.

5. Prepare the Lawn and Garden

  • Rake and remove debris from the lawn to allow for proper air circulation and sunlight. This promotes healthy grass growth.

  • Prune shrubs and trees to encourage new growth and enhance the overall appearance of your landscape.

6. Check Outdoor Plumbing

  • Inspect outdoor faucets and hoses for leaks or damage that may have occurred during the winter freeze-thaw cycles. Repair or replace as needed to prevent water wastage.

7. Seal Windows and Doors

  • Check for drafts around windows and doors and seal any gaps with weather-stripping or caulking. This helps to improve energy efficiency and maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

8. Clean and Service Outdoor Equipment

  • Prepare your outdoor equipment such as lawnmowers, trimmers, and grills for the upcoming season by cleaning and servicing them. This ensures they're ready to use when needed.

Spring home maintenance isn't just about sprucing up your property; it's about protecting your investment and ensuring a comfortable living environment for you and your family. Remember, regular maintenance is key to preserving the beauty and functionality of your home year-round. 🏡

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