Our Core Values

We are Kind, Hungry and Smart,

First & foremost, we are kind. This is what it means to be part of our team/partner with us. The Select Real Estate team.
This is how we intentionally show up in our roles, for our partners, clients & for each other.
These are not ideals, we are committed to embodying these every, single day!

Be Exceptional!
Fiercely committed to doing high quality work.

We are a team of A players - as individuals and as partners.
 Being good enough is simply not good enough. We are highly productive & earnestly give our best at all times. We take great care and pride in our work. We are meticulous about tiny details while never losing sight of the big picture. Mistakes are inevitable, apathy is unacceptable. We have each other's back and push ourselves and each other to perpetually step up our game and produce at a higher level.

Lighten Up!
Kind, authentic humans with positive attitudes, having fun and helping each other. 

We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. We bring our real, authentic, quirky selves to work. We are kind, playful, laugh hard, and enjoy each other. We intentionally bring good, positive energy to the team. We're all human and imperfect, we extend grace and have short memories about other people’s mistakes. We make each other look good and come from a place of support and goodwill. We prioritize creating a fun, lighthearted environment to collectively thrive in.


Own It!
100% accountability for our behaviours, attitudes & impact on each other.

We take responsibility for our mindsets, attitudes, behaviour, and choice of words. We are transparent, drama free, allergic to excuses, and own our mistakes. Our emotional behaviour is in check and we’re intentional about the impact we have on each other. We make others feel listened to and look for ways to say yes. When there's conflict, we seek to fully understand each other by actively listening and asking questions to uncover the heart of the matter, and collaboratively find mutually beneficial resolutions.

Forever Forward!
Never complacent, always learning, adaptable, innovative, humble & hungry.

We are committed to, and fiercely pursue continuous improvement. We are radically open-minded, value and acknowledge our path of progress and where we currently stand, but are never satisfied or complacent with where we are. Feedback knows no titles or job descriptions. We're open to feedback, actively seek it, and receive it with grace. We don't take crap personally or view feedback as a personal attack, we see it as an opportunity to improve. We believe we can be and do better and are not attached to how we've always done things. We embrace change and adaptability, are coachable & constantly asking “Is this the best way?”

We’ve Got Grit!
Resilient, kinda scrappy and unafraid to dream BIG.

We are resilient, courageous, and unsinkable to our core. Regret serves as a powerful catalyst for improvement in our daily lives and we strive to have no regrets. We embrace the risk of failure and don’t shy away from challenges. In fact, we thrive in them! We blaze our own trail, unafraid to break new ground and create roads where none exist. We dream bigger, knowing that if we want something it's on us to create it. We learn from mistakes, setbacks, and missteps; they are valuable to our growth and experience. We're solid as a team, have each other’s backs, and look to inspire the best in each other. Spirits high, eyes forward, hearts open & bring the fire every day.

We never complain and make excuses. We learn and re-group.
Negativity can go somewhere else.

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