Price Dropped-Is it a good deal?

It sure may look like one, but keep in mind, it's not about, "they came down 10k or even 50k." It's about, "Was the property priced right to begin with?"

Some properties hit the market out of sync with the neighbourhood. As few people are interested in an overpriced property, it sits on the market....and sits. Then the price drops. And some buyers get excited thinking, "Wow! The price dropped. Now's the time to jump in and pick up a good deal."

But is it a really a good deal? A trained eye can spot opportunity. Sometimes it is a bargain - for some reason or another, it didn't generate the excitement it deserved. In other cases, the property is still overpriced, for the location and upgrades - so maybe it's worth a second look...if the price comes down again.

Your Buyer Agent knows the commission isn't tied to just one property. And because they also know you won't abandon them, your Buyer Agent will go all out to deliver the best service possible.

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